Living on a Homestead

JBHomemade offers natural, botanical skincare and the gentle hair removal method called sugaring. The use of Nature's Bounty to provide a natural lifestyle, skin care and health has been around for centuries. Our organic gardens thrive with homegrown flowers, herbs and vegetables. In this second chapter of my life, I share a commitment with my family to live a clean, natural,  self-sustaining, homesteading lifestyle here in TN.
The concept of Clean, natural living inspires each of my homemade products.

Processing our meat

Watching Eastern Bluebird Hatchlings

Our Goats Pork Chop and Pot Roast

Our home was originally built in 1903. When Hubs got the chance to renovate he couldn't pass it up. He did the inside first, then we worked on the exterior together. 

The next year we thought it could use a little more. We chose a dark grey for the trim and decking. I want to do the door in a barn red next.

Our vegetable garden. This is about the size of a third of a football field. Add in the herbs and tomatos and we've got about a total of 1/2 a football field growing through the spring and summer. We even had tomatos in November this past year.