JBHomemade offers natural, botanical skincare and the gentle hair removal method called sugaring. The use of Nature's Bounty to provide a natural lifestyle, skin care and health has been around for centuries. Our organic gardens thrive with homegrown flowers, herbs and vegetables. In this second chapter of my life, I share a commitment with my family to live a clean, natural,  self-sustaining, homesteading lifestyle here in TN.
The concept of Clean, natural living inspires each of my homemade products.

Pink Rose Infused
2.5 Oz
Real Rose Aloe Vera Gel - Aloe Vera Leaf Gel with Fresh Pink Rose Petals

  • Handmade item
  • Materials: Pure Aloe Vera Gel, Rosa Bridal Pink, Pink Rose Petals, Aloe Vera
  • Ships worldwide from United States

This Fresh Pink Rose infused Pure Aloe Gel has a soft rose aroma, pink hue and is used as a skin soothing gel. Pink roses have a long history of representing grace and elegance, as well as sweetness and poetic romance, but did you know that roses are also highly prized for their skin care properties? Roses contain tons of Vitamin C, which is known to help heal sun damaged spots, is a natural astringent which will help tone your skin, and is also a natural anti-inflammatory agent.

Pure Aloe Vera is one of the most effective skin soothers in nature. It conditions and hydrates dry, rough or sun-exposed skin on contact. The plant has been shown in studies to help heal minor wounds eight days faster than conventional dressing, not to mention it’s antibacterial and contains vitamins and minerals that can ease eczema and psoriasis flare-ups.
Extracted from the leaf of organically grown aloe plants from my homestead, this Aloe Vera does not resemble processed aloe. Because there are no artificial thickeners, its consistency may vary.
This all-natural beauty serum, with over 250 nutrients and essential substances, supplies the skin with moisture and restores youthful resiliency and freshness. The gel also contains acemannan, a natural healing compound, also known as the fountain of youth ingredient. Aloe Vera Gel filters through all seven layers of the skin, providing deep nutrition absorption. It naturally moisturizes and provides the skin with plenty of nutrition protecting it and even keeping harmful bacteria out. Over 200 compounds found in this natural skin care product will give the skin back what the years took away.
The Rose Aloe Vera gel won't only supply your skin with moisture and elasticity. It cleans and detoxifies it as well. It is recommended to clean your face with water or an aloe-Vera-based cleanser and then apply the gel and let it do its magic. It will also make a fantastic base for your make-up.
Aloe Vera Leaf Gel will reduce and even eliminate redness due to allergies and give you beautiful skin. However, the leaf gel of the Aloe can do even more: it speeds up the healing of sunburns; it reduces itching, reduces the symptoms of herpes around lips and calms down itchy scalp.
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Acne sufferers might find this ancient skin care product to be very helpful in reducing the severity as it regulates the hormonal imbalance and gives your skin a healthy glow. Aloe Vera has also been used successfully in treating psoriasis and atopic dermatitis.
Aloe barbadensis (aloe) (Liliaceae Aloe Vera) leaf juice infused with Pink Rose Petals (Rosa Bridal Pink)
Pure Cured Aloe Leaf Gel, 2.5 ounces
Ground fillet of inner leaf/cold pressed

Even men might consider this pure gel after their daily shave. It cools down the skin and heals cuts very rapidly. 
Aloe Vera is also perfect for cuts, scrapes, and wounds. Keep applying the gel to the wound repeatedly. It speeds up wound healing and regenerates the skin almost without leaving a scar.
Directions for use:
Rub on skin irritations in small amounts, as needed. The natural soothing properties of aloe and rose petals, combined with its coolness from being stored in the refrigerator, will usually offer rapid relief. As with all cosmetics, if you develop redness, sensitivity, or signs of allergy then you should promptly discontinue use.
Shake well before using. Apply to affected areas of the skin as needed. Refrigerate after opening for best results.
*My aloe is not thick like what you would find in a drug store. Since there are no thickeners or artificial ingredients, my aloe is pourable and viscous yet not as thin as water. 

Rose Aloe Vera skin soother can be used for the following: 
☺ Sunburn
☺ Bug bites
☺ Rashes
☺ Dry skin
☺ Eczema
☺ Psoriasis
☺ Razor burn
☺ Minor cuts and scrapes
☺ Radiation burns
☺ Irritation from hair removal
☺ A natural Makeup remover
☺ As a shaving cream
☺ As a face wash
☺ As a night treatment
☺ Mix one part aloe gel with one part castor oil for use as an eyebrow gel
☺ Mix with 1/4 cup rubbing alcohol for use as a personal hand sanitizer
☺ Carry a bottle in your beach bag or backpack to soothe and hydrate stressed skin on contact and keep one in your fridge for a cool pick-me-up.