JBHomemade offers natural, botanical skincare and the gentle hair removal method called sugaring. The use of Nature's Bounty to provide a natural lifestyle, skin care and health has been around for centuries. Our organic gardens thrive with homegrown flowers, herbs and vegetables. In this second chapter of my life, I share a commitment with my family to live a clean, natural,  self-sustaining, homesteading lifestyle here in TN.
The concept of Clean, natural living inspires each of my homemade products.

Natural Turmeric Diabetic Nerve Pain Salve - Neuropathy Pain Remedy - 2 Oz
Homeopathic Intensive Moisturizing Remedy - Pain Relief Salve

  • Handmade item
  • Materials: Organic Ground Turmeric, Organic Dried St Johns Wort Herb, Organic Beeswax, Organic Grape Seed Oil, Organic Ground Ginger, Organic Clove Oil
  • Made to order
  • Ships worldwide from United States

Nerve pain can be a severe and debilitating ailment. Usually, those who have experienced nerve pain seek help from a physician and medical or prescription treatments. You may not want to spread toxic chemicals all over yourself or ingest drugs with a long list of nasty side effects.
What do you reach for when you are in misery? There must be a better solution. My homemade natural diabetic pain relief salve has worked for others and may just become your new pain relieving salvation.

If you are enduring pain from diabetic neuropathy, you know the number one concern on your mind is attaining pain relief. The relief of your neuropathy pain may be found by using a neuropathy pain relief salve.
Common symptoms of Neuropathy Pain
♦ Your feet tingle.
♦ It feels like pins and needles in your feet.
♦ Pain or Increased Sensitivity
♦ Burning, stabbing or shooting pains in your feet.
♦ Your feet may be very sensitive to touch 
♦ Sometimes it hurts to have the bed covers touch your feet.
♦ It might feel like you have socks or gloves on when you don’t.
♦ Your feet might hurt at night.
♦ Your hands and feet might become very cold or scorching.
♦ You might be experiencing numbness or weakness
♦ Your feet become numb
♦ The muscles in your feet and legs feel weak.
♦ The feeling of being unsteady when you walk or stand up.

This intensive moisturizing remedy was developed for seriously dry, cracked, itchy and sensitive skin. This salve calms the shooting, stabbing, burning and tingling sensations. It also softens hardened, callused skin to eliminate painful cracks in the skin. One benefit of this topical treatment is that you can apply it precisely where you need relief.
♦ Non-greasy formula penetrates deeply
♦ Ideal for sensitive skin
♦ No added dyes, fragrances, petroleum or mineral oils
♦ Homeopathic
♦ Temporarily relieves foot pain
♦ For stabbing and tingling sensations
♦ Relieves chafed, chapped & cracked skin
♦ Protects minor burns, cuts & scrapes
♦ Designed for daily use
♦ A rich cream formula that is extra moisturizing.

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If you or a loved one has been professionally diagnosed with neuropathy or suffer any of these symptoms, JBHomemade's Diabetic Pain Relief Salve might be worth a try.
Production Process:
I make an infusion from the herbs mentioned earlier, Ginger, St. John's Wart, Cloves and turmeric using grape seed oil. I let the infusion sit for a minimum of 3 weeks in a sunny location on the homestead. I then combine warmed beeswax with the infused grape seed oil.

You do not have to endure a lifetime of neuropathy pain. Peripheral Neuropathy pain can be decreased immensely with a neuropathy remedy such as JBHomemade's Diabetic Pain Relief Salve. Apply directly to the affected area twice a day. You might even no longer need to rely on heavy duty narcotics or other prescription medications. By using this naturally designed neuropathy pain relief salve, you will find fast and sometimes instant relief just by applying the emulsion directly to your pain areas. That’s not all, the price of this cream is a whole lot lower than prescription and over-the-counter medications that promise relief but never deliver. If the neuropathy therapy you are practicing now is not helping or isn’t helping enough, you should highly consider using a neuropathy salve.

Most beneficial when applied after bathing, showering, or a foot soak

The organic ingredients are moisturizing, antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant, are gentle enough for babies and young children and can be used on cuts, burns, bruises, scrapes, eczema, itching skin and diaper rash. 
Turmeric Infusion Diabetic Salve Pain Relief Natural Remedy for Diabetic Nerve Pain Neuropathy Contains:
St Johns Wort 
Grapeseed Oil
Pure Beeswax 

♦ St. John's Wort is a powerful healer with anti-inflammatory and anti-viral properties. Ideal for healing burns or for nerve pain as it has Anti-inflammatory & anti-viral properties. Has outstanding nerve pain relieving qualities and is perfect for diabetic nerve pain in feet or legs or Fibromyalgia issues.
♦ Clove essential oil is used as a topical analgesic due to the constituent eugenol, which has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, and offers pain relief and quickly absorbed through the skin. Clove is a favorite in the dental arena as an antimicrobial pain reliever with slight numbing qualities. Clove is also warming and an excellent pain reliever for joints and overworked muscles. 
♦ Turmeric is renowned for helping relieve irritation, inflammation, muscular aches and pains and itching associated with neuropathy, which can manifest as numbness, tingling or pain in hands or feet. Turmeric’s anti-inflammatory properties are responsible for controlling nerve related problems such as peripheral neuropathy and nerve problems due to diabetes. 
♦ Ginger gives a slight warming sensation that can help relax and loosen muscles. It also has been shown to reduce inflammation and the pain associated with it. Its potent anti-inflammatory substances, gingerols, make it an effective pain reliever, and it is commonly used to reduce pain and swelling in patients with arthritis and those suffering from other inflammation and muscle complaints. In fact, ginger is said to be just as effective as nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs.