JBHomemade offers natural, botanical skincare and the gentle hair removal method called sugaring. The use of Nature's Bounty to provide a natural lifestyle, skin care and health has been around for centuries. Our organic gardens thrive with homegrown flowers, herbs and vegetables. In this second chapter of my life, I share a commitment with my family to live a clean, natural,  self-sustaining, homesteading lifestyle here in TN.
The concept of Clean, natural living inspires each of my homemade products.

Mizziexoxo's terrific spotlight about my emerging natural skin care!

I have been featured on Mizziexoxo Boutique's Blog, written by my friend and fellow Etsian‬ Melissa Boom from Canada, owner of Mizziexoxo. 
I was given an interview to fill out and she has featured myself and my business on her website and blog! 
She did such a beautiful job! I am elated! 
Please click the link and read all about JBHomemade! So proud. 
Thank you so much Melissa! I am truly humbled and grateful for your faith in me and my products!

Humbled and grateful for this exclusive interview!

I have been featured on Write Money Incorporated Blog, written by my friend Rhonda Campbell, owner of Write Money Incorporated. 
I was given an interview to fill out and she has featured myself and my business on her website and blog! 
She did such an awesome job! I am elated! 
Please click the link and read all about JBHomemade! So proud. 
Thank you so much Rhonda! I am truly humbled and grateful for your faith in me and my products!
MEET Jennifer Bueschel: This dynamic entrepreneur is the founder of JBHomemade on Etsy Maker and seller of organic products, namely organic sugaring hair removal and sugar scrubs. When Jennifer says “organic,” she means it!
Consider this:
JBHomemade is the ONLY store in the Mid-Tennessee and South Kentucky areas that sells 100% organic sugaring wax and sugaring hair removal to the public. (Most brands are for professional use in Salons). 

Ingredients used in JBHomemade products are grown on 
Jennifer’s own property or purchased from local Amish. 
Not only does Jennifer make and sell organic products, 
she is committed to living a holistic lifestyle. 
Read this interview to find out what inspired the launch of JBHomemade, how Jennifer markets organic products and what Jennifer did to overcome early business challenges.
WMI:   Please tell us about the genesis of JBHomemade. What inspired you to start the business?
JB:        In this lifestyle, I learned about the ancient Egyptian method of natural hair removal by happenstance. I was sick and tired of not just shaving, but shaving and then getting out of the shower and getting the goose bumps! Men may possibly have a hard time relating, but the results of the goose bumps which makes a lady’s legs feel like we didn’t shave at all. We don’t enjoy feeling stubble right after we just shaved! (Now don’t get me wrong here. You may not be able to relate to the goose bumps, but you can use sugaring just like us ladies can. In fact, I sugar my better half’s back and his neck regularly.) Naturally, if this happens often enough, you get tired of it. Not just the act of shaving every day, but it’s really like an endless chore that no one really enjoys…much like the laundry!
WMI: What are the benefits of using organic products like sugar scrubs?
JB: There are many benefits of using sugar scrubs for exfoliation. Not just having smooth skin, but each and every ingredient I use (all organic/ natural ingredients are used including the chosen sugars, carrier oils, essential oils and herbs including Lavender, Coconut, Vanilla, Cinnamon, Pumpkin, Peppermint, Dry Mint, Lemon, Dried Chamomile, Dried Lavender, Dried Rosemary just to name a few) have individual benefits to your skin and health. One benefit is smooth skin; obviously, the other benefits include improvement in skin tone, acne, spots, and skin texture.
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Being featured on SSH's sensational selected shops!

JBHomemade - Organic Sugar Hair Removal and Skincare has made its way to SSH's Sugar Scrub shops area!
"Pure greatness at its best!"
Wow!! Thanks so much Sugar Scrub Hub for including me on your list!
I'm humbly grateful and appreciative!
Check it out here at Sugar Scrub Hub

My Spa Day was featured
in the Gallatin News!

Free spa treatments Saturday in Portland

Dessislava Yankova, Nashville 12:32 p.m. CST December 10, 2014

Ladies, a fun, free spa day is happening close to home Saturday.
The inaugural Spa Day & Holiday Shopping Event starts at 9 a.m. in Portland’s Strawberry Station with facials, care lessons, snacks and, of course, shopping.
This is the first of a series of care-and-comfort-oriented events Portland entrepreneur Jennifer Bueschel is launching with hopes to fill a niche. She sees it as Sumner’s version of the Southern Women’s Show. “The girls can go out, get pampered, finish their Christmas shopping and have fun with friends, all under one roof,” said Bueschel, who runs Portland-based JBHomemade that offers an organic sugar hair removal and scrubs. On Saturday, Bueschel and others will teach event attendees the secrets of skin and body care for free through product samples from multiple businesses. Massages will be available for $1 a minute for up to 15 minutes. “By the time you get through, you will have a mini makeover,” said Bueschel, who spearheaded the event. “And when you’re done with all the little makeovers, you might be a little hungry and a little thirsty. So, grab a cup of free, warm soup, snacks, and a soft drink.”
A professional photographer will also be on hand to take portraits. 

Behind the idea
The idea for the event is an extension from Bueschel’s ongoing marketing strategy. Throwing sugaring parties to teach the skin-healthy method of organic hair removal with a growing success for months, she was ready for the next step. “I was lying in bed one night, thinking: ‘I want to do something bigger,’, ” she said. “I wanted to offer more pampering and include more people.” So she rounded up her friends and colleagues in the skin care and craft trades. “The response has been amazing,” Bueschel said. “And we have the perfect event location at the Strawberry Station. You walk into this bright, clean and modern room, and you just feel the ambience.” Guests who register and help promote the event are entered into free raffles for cosmetic giveaways. Depending on attendance, Bueschel hopes to host the event multiple times a year in Sumner communities and beyond.
Reach Dessislava Yankova at 575-7170 and on Twitter @desspor.
If you go
Spa Day & Holiday Shopping Event
9 a.m.-3 p.m.
Strawberry Station, 124 Main St. in Portland

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