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A collage showcasing popular handmade items: A logo is prominently displayed in the center. In the top left, three transparent bowls contain raw sugar, lemon juice, and water, each with its own label. Below, there are sugaring paste products. To the left, sugaring paste is shown melting over stones. To the right, there's a diabetic pain relief salve, rose-infused aloe vera products, 'Rose the Age Away' serum, an assortment of sugar scrubs with their ingredients visible, and open jars filled with ground rose, chamomile, calendula, and lavender herbs.

How to make your own herbal or floral infusions

Simply soaking herbs in oil isn’t enough to infuse the oil; it needs to be heated. There are a few ways of doing this so you will likely find one that suits your needs. The following describes how to infuse oils using the stovetop, a slow cooker, and the sun! The common thread to all methods is to pack as many dried herbs as you can fit in a container, and then pour over the oil so that the herbs are completely submerged. 

Choose herbs that are completely dry (moisture and oil don’t mix). When the infusing is finished, strain the herbs from the oil with a fine sieve once, then pour the oil through a coffee filter or cheesecloth lined fine sieve. Store the infused oil with a tight fitting lid in a cool, dark place.

Some herbs that are good for infusing are:

Lavender – relaxing, antibacterial
Calendula – healing, soothing
Chamomile – calming, soothing
Comfrey – helps with pain and inflammation
Sage – pain relief, anti inflammatory
Mint – energizing, pain relieving
Rose – romance, love, adds pink color to oil
Thyme – Astringent properties

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