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A collage showcasing popular handmade items: A logo is prominently displayed in the center. In the top left, three transparent bowls contain raw sugar, lemon juice, and water, each with its own label. Below, there are sugaring paste products. To the left, sugaring paste is shown melting over stones. To the right, there's a diabetic pain relief salve, rose-infused aloe vera products, 'Rose the Age Away' serum, an assortment of sugar scrubs with their ingredients visible, and open jars filled with ground rose, chamomile, calendula, and lavender herbs.

This collection consists of all the videos I can find for sugaring the neck. This can be applied to both men and women. Men, some of you like that ‘clean cut’ look. While, ladies, some of you might remember the Kardashians making it more popular to have a ‘clean ponytail’ look. I am constantly on the lookout for more videos to add to this collection/playlist.

You can also find it directly on my Youtube Channel. If you have a video that fits into this category and you’d like to submit it or share it here, send me a note! Your videos get ‘view credits’ while viewed here as well.

An artistic illustration of a butterfly with wings adorned with beautiful pink and red flowers, set against a white background.

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