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A collage showcasing popular handmade items: A logo is prominently displayed in the center. In the top left, three transparent bowls contain raw sugar, lemon juice, and water, each with its own label. Below, there are sugaring paste products. To the left, sugaring paste is shown melting over stones. To the right, there's a diabetic pain relief salve, rose-infused aloe vera products, 'Rose the Age Away' serum, an assortment of sugar scrubs with their ingredients visible, and open jars filled with ground rose, chamomile, calendula, and lavender herbs.

Discover Our Homestead’s Natural Beauty and Wellness Journey

Welcome to JBHomemade Sugaring and Skin Care (JS&S), where our journey begins on an idyllic homestead in rural Tennessee. I’m Jen, and I’m excited to introduce you to our world of holistic living, natural skincare, and the art of sugaring hair removal.

Our story unfolds against the backdrop of a transformative move from the sunny shores of West Palm Beach, Florida, to the tranquil serenity of the countryside. In 2009, my partner Michael, my youngest son Anthony, and I sought refuge from city life, embarking on a new chapter that would lead us to a pristine 180-acre homestead.

My passion for natural living, sustainable practices, and holistic wellness has been a lifelong journey. Born and raised in Florida, I cherished the beach, ballet, and cherished moments with my Grandaddy. I have three incredible sons, Quentin, Matthew, and Anthony, each forging their unique paths.

Today, our homestead is a testament to our commitment to simplicity, organic living, and self-sustainability. We tend to a sprawling vegetable garden that rivals a football field, preserving the harvest through canning, juicing, and saucing. Herbs and flowers thrive in our organic mushroom compost, offering an abundance of botanical treasures for our skincare creations.

Our farmhouse, built in 1903, holds secrets of generations past and an undeniable connection to the land’s history. From Civil War relics to echoes of a bygone era, our home has been both muse and mystery.

But it was my encounter with the ancient art of sugaring that set our journey in motion. As a Certified Master Herbalist, I sought a natural alternative to conventional hair removal methods. The result? Our signature “firm sugaring paste,” crafted with raw organic sugar, fresh-squeezed lemon juice, and purified water, ensuring the utmost quality and effectiveness.

JS&S was born as a platform for sharing the wisdom of sugaring’s benefits and the incredible potential of botanicals and herbs in skincare. Our homestead’s herbs and flora find their way into our products, sourced from the local Amish community for their natural purity.

JS&S isn’t just a business; it’s an invitation to explore the wonders of natural living, self-sustainability, and the beauty of the homestead. We’re here to guide you on your journey, whether you’re seeking healthier, radiant skin or looking to embrace a holistic, organic lifestyle.

Step into our world of natural beauty and wellness, where simplicity meets sustainability, and ancient traditions harmonize with modern living. Join our community, learn from our experiences, and discover the true essence of holistic living.

We invite you to explore our range of skincare and hair removal solutions, all inspired by the beauty and tranquility of our Tennessee homestead. Here’s to embracing nature’s gifts and a life in perfect harmony with the land.

With warmth and gratitude,

Jen Founder, President, CEO, and Sole Operator of JBHomemade Sugaring and Skin Care Certified Master Herbalist, Naturalist, Artisan, Naturopath, Homeopath, Botanist, Empath “The Local Witch Doctor”

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