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Natural Rosemary Eucalyptus Herbal Sugar Scrub Sample Size Sugaring Paste & Scrub Kit – thicker hair


Sugaring Hair Removal Kit, Natural Sugaring Paste 2 oz, Organic Raw Sugar with Purified Water, Fresh Squeezed Organic Lemon Juice, Cornstarch, Pure Aloe Vera Gel, Applicator and Instructions, Oatmeal Mint Brown Sugar Scrub 2 oz, Natural Eucalyptus Rosemary Scrub 2 oz, Sugaring Paste Starter Kit, Hair Removal Kit, Sugaring Kit, Oatmeal Mint and Eucalyptus Rosemary Scrubs

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Welcome to JBHomemade (JSandS), where natural beauty and gentle self-care meet. I’m Jen, a master herbalist with 16 years of experience, and I’m delighted to introduce you to our Natural Rosemary Eucalyptus Herbal Sugar Scrub Sample Size Sugaring Paste & Scrub Kit for an all natural hair removal and skin care routine crafted to provide a gentle and effective hair removal solution for all-natural skincare enthusiasts like you.

Unlock the secret to smooth, hair-free skin with our Natural Rosemary Eucalyptus Herbal Sugar Scrub Sample Size Sugaring Paste & Scrub Kit. This kit has everything you need for successful sugaring at home, suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin.

Experience the convenience of our Sample Size Sugaring Paste & Scrub Kit, designed for a seamless self-care routine. This bundle includes an 2 oz sample size tub each of our Natural Oatmeal Mint Brown Sugar Scrub, signature Sugaring Paste Hair Removal and Natural Rosemary Eucalyptus Herbal Sugar Scrub, ensuring a well-rounded skincare experience and is the perfect amount for your to try it out to see if it is right for you.

Choose JBHomemade’s Firm Sugar Paste Hair Removal for a natural and gentle alternative to waxing or shaving. Our sugaring paste effectively removes hair, including the follicle bulb, and is perfect for those with thicker or coarser hair. With natural ingredients and less pain than traditional methods, our sugaring paste offers a fantastic, cost-effective salon alternative that may lead to slower, finer hair growth over time. Experience the benefits of sugaring today and discover smoother, healthier skin.

Why Exfoliate with Oatmeal Mint Brown Sugar Scrub Before Sugaring?
Exfoliation is key for the smoothest sugaring results. Our Oatmeal Mint Brown Sugar Scrub gently removes dead skin cells, allowing for effective hair removal. Customize it with water or milk for your skin’s needs and rinse off with warm water.

What’s Inside:
Sugaring Paste: Our signature sugaring paste for gentle and effective hair removal.
Aloe Sample: Soothing aloe to calm and nourish your skin post-sugaring.
Cornstarch: Essential for smooth sugaring.
Applicator: The perfect tool for precise application.

Oatmeal Mint Brown Sugar Scrub: Prep your skin with this nourishing scrub.
Choose Your After-Sugaring Sugar Scrub: Elevate your sugaring experience with our luxurious selection.

How does exfoliation play a role?
Exfoliating is advisable for both longer lasting and smoother results after sugaring. You should remove dead skin cells both before and every 48 hours after you perform sugaring. The act of exfoliation helps prevent ingrown hairs. At the same time, doing so keeps your skin super nourished and soft.

Elevate your skincare routine with our Natural Rosemary Eucalyptus Herbal Sugar Body Scrub. Crafted with care, this all-natural sugar scrub combines rosemary, eucalyptus, grapeseed oil, lemon juice, and cane sugar for a revitalizing spa experience at home. Free from harsh chemicals and synthetic fragrances, our gentle yet effective formula exfoliates, invigorates, and moisturizes your skin, suitable for all skin types. With eco-friendly packaging, embrace natural beauty while caring for the planet. Treat your skin to the refreshing indulgence it deserves with our Rosemary Eucalyptus Sugar Scrub. Your skin will thank you!.

How to Use:
Oatmeal Scrub: Mix, massage, and rinse for gentle, oil-free exfoliation.
Sugaring Paste: Apply, spread, and remove quickly for smooth results.
After-Sugaring Sugar Scrubs: Beginning 48 hours after your sugaring session, every 3rd day, massage onto skin and rinse for soft, refreshed skin.

Care Instructions:
Store your Oatmeal Mint Brown Sugar Scrub and Natural Rosemary Eucalyptus Herbal Sugar Scrub in their sealed containers in the refrigerator for up to six months. Avoid introducing water into the container to maintain its quality.
Store your sugaring Paste in a cool, dry place, and ensure the lid is securely closed. Avoid getting water into the container, as moisture can affect its consistency. If needed, you can warm the paste slightly to achieve the desired texture before use.

At JBHomemade, we prioritize natural and organic ingredients, cruelty-free practices, and purity. Our products are free from harmful substances.

Treat yourself to the perfect sugaring and scrub experience, choose your bundle size, and embark on a journey to smoother, healthier skin today.

Sizes available: 2 oz Sample Size Sugaring & Scrub Kits, 8 oz Complete Sugaring Paste & Scrub Bundles.

Available After-Sugaring Sugar Scrubs:
Natural Almond Vanilla Brown Sugar Scrub
Natural Coconut Lemon Sugar Scrub
Natural Lavender Lemon Herbal Relaxing Sugar Scrub
Natural Lemon Zest Sugar Scrub
Natural Orange Calendula Herbal Citrus Sugar Scrub
Natural Peppermint Coconut Sugar Scrub
Natural Pink Rose Petal Sugar Scrub
Natural Pumpkin Vanilla Brown Sugar Scrub
Natural Red Rose Petal Sugar Scrub
Natural Rosemary Eucalyptus Herbal Sugar Scrub
Natural Vanilla Aloe Brown Sugar Scrub

❗ Please note that while all of our Natural products are formulated with natural ingredients that may help to nourish the skin, they are not intended to prevent, heal, or treat any specific condition, and it will not affect the structure or function of the body or skin.

✅ For external use only. Always perform a test patch before use and discontinue if irritation occurs.

🛒 Shop with Confidence:
At JBHomemade, we passionately handcraft all our products using the finest, natural, and organic ingredients, each chosen for its unique healing properties. Our products are cruelty-free, meticulously crafted in small batches to ensure purity, and free from harmful chemicals. We prioritize each ingredient’s properties, sourcing herbs and florals from our organic gardens or the local Amish community. Our products are made in small batches, and free of parabens, sulfates, petroleum, phthalates, and synthetic dyes.

Weight 17 oz
Dimensions 7 × 7 × 6 in

2 oz round container (x3)

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